Ulexite/TV Rock Pieces

Ulexite/TV Rock Pieces

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This is Ulexite, a stone that creates an optical illusion!! It’s also known as TV Rock, because its unique structure creates an optical illusion effect that makes it look like you’re looking through a TV screen. Things almost even appear cartoon-like. The parallel crystal fibers act as fiber-optic cables. So when you put something underneath the crystal, the image will appear clearly as if it’s sitting on top, instead of below.

Plus, if you put this crystal in sunlight, it glows! 

This stone is believed to improve concentration, increase imagination, to help one become an original thinker, & people use it to help recover from limiting beliefs. It’s sometimes called the stone of Revelation, & many people use it in meditation by resting it on the Third Eye chakra. 

This is not Selenite! Although they look similar, Ulexite is a borate (& soluble in water), and Selenite is a sulfate. The optical illusion effect is much more commonly found in Ulexite, though sometimes Selenite can present it as well. 

These pieces will be intuitively chosen for you! Meaning- you choose a size & I choose which piece you receive. They are all good! 

*These are very fragile... & remember to not get them wet!*


XL: About 0.5lbs 

L: About 0.35lbs 

M: About 0.15-0.25lbs 

S: About 0.1-0.15lbs

XS: About 0.03-0.07lbs 

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