About Lani Bee

Hi, I'm Ashlyn!

I love crystals! It has always blown my mind that they are so beyond beautiful, & come straight from the Earth!! Like, whaaatttt?!

Each crystal in my shop is selectively handpicked by me. I spend a lot of time searching for what I think to be the best of the best crystals, & handpick only the ones that really "call to me".

Most items at Lani Bee will be in limited quantities, because I try to avoid bulk-buying. I want each and every piece to be something that stood out to me!

When sourcing crystals, I do so with good intentions, with intuition, & with YOU in mind. Trust me when I say that the pieces you get from Lani Bee will have been very loved & cared for by me first :)

Why "Lani Bee"?

I chose the name "Lani Bee Crystals" in honor of my Grandpa Rusty, who passed away in February of 2021.

Lani (Lah-nee) is the Hawaiian word for Heaven/heavenly, and the bee has become a special symbol to me because of this bowl.

I was very close with my Grandpa.. We teased each other relentlessly, argued like mad, & we worked on a lot of projects together. He was a talented woodturner among many other random fun things.

A few months before he passed away, I jokingly asked him if he would make me a bowl that I could paint for fun. I told him that we could sell them & become millionaires, laughed, & moved on.

The night that he passed away, we were awoken at 3am with the horrible, unexpected news. We drove over to their house as fast as we could.

Right as we walked through the door, my Nana handed me this bowl (these are actually pictures he took before he passed).

She told me that he had stayed up late that very night, just hours before, insisting that he needed to finish it for me. My Nana didn't understand what the big rush was.. But for some reason, he felt an urgency & stubbornly didn't go to bed until it was done.

I couldn't believe that he had done that for me. He made me my bowl.

I didn't even know that he had taken my silly request from months before seriously. But that's just who he was. He would do anything you ever asked of him. If you were excited about something, he would get excited with you. He was always there, always supportive, always pushing you to do your best. He came through for me all the way to the end.

I was too scared to touch this bowl for over a year after his passing, though I knew that I needed to finish it. Our last project together. But what on Earth could I ever paint that would be good enough to permanently be on something that is so precious to me?

A honey bee.

My Grandpa Rusty Hardy raised honey bees, was an avid protector of them. He even named his family business "Hardy Bee Company". They were a big part of his life. They've become a staple in our family & the more I've thought about it, the more I've realized that he was a lot like the bees.

He was stubborn, protective, hard working, supportive, an ever-present quiet helper. He used to say that we have no idea how much the bees do for us. I feel like even now he's just like that - helping all around me, even when I don't see it.

So this business of mine is for him.

Lani Bee Crystals 💛