Pink Amethyst Free Form

Pink Amethyst Free Form

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3 inches tall. 

1 lb 

Pink Amethyst is considered a “specialty stone” - It’s a rare and valuable form of amethyst, because it has only ever been found in a deposit in Patagonia, Argentina. It was only discovered & mined in 2019, so it is believed to hold a frequency not yet fully tapped into by the human body. Due to that, for many this stone is a reminder that the best is yet to come in life, & that we need not live under the false impression that we know everything already.

Amethyst becomes pink when there are inclusions of Hematite within the stone as it’s forming in the Earth.   

-Pink amethyst is has a calming feminine essence, and is a balancer, healer, & comforter.
-It is believed to be an intuition enhancer.
-Pink Amethyst brings the benefits of a new perspective.

Chakras: heart, third eye, AND crown ✨
(a crystal stimulating 3 chakras simultaneously is also special/uncommon)

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